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This project led to the three-part-installation, called Libelle (Spirit level), in which my figures have been deflected from the reality: The first part is a light-box made of used neons from the 80's. It is set up as if the left side of the light-box has fallen down to the ground. The only point that is parallel to the ground is the bottom line of the table-lamp so the small table light is the only stable point in this neon light-box. In the second part of the installation, a wall is covered with 180 small (span length), dark, wooden spirit levels, which are horizontal with the ground, but each of them shows deflection. The film is originally the third part of the installation. It shows the life of V.N. dance teacher, who has been deflected at an angle of 15 degrees from the "normal life" surrounded her. As if there is something wrong with gravity, it is not at the centre of gravity but something degenerate.

Hu   Eng
Spirit Level Series: Light Co.
Spirit Level
HD video loop 6'15"