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On the basis of a personal
experience, in two parallel
works, I wished to create a
monument to the Roma
man standing by the
highway outside the railing
with his arms crossed and
contemplating the traffic. In
my film, I asked a young
man to stand at the
original location, where the
contemplator was placed
in contrast with the traffic
passing by, while the
untamed landscape with
the new road pavement.
During the film, the single
small cloud hovering above
his figure totally
transforms, divides into
two, and then disappears.
In the second part of my
project, I erected a
sculpture for which my
own head, arm and figure
served as the model. I
altered my face to
resemble the general
physiognomic traits of
Roma people, and then
dressed the sculpture in
used clothes. The
completed sculpture was
then placed by the
highway just outside of the
town, similar to its original
position. The photographs
taken and the exact
coordinates were placed in
the exhibition area next to
the projected film.
Monument to the passing
monument (videoloop 17'00") 2009
Monument to the passing
monument (videoloop 17'00") 2009

Hu   Eng