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Sugar Factory
Lenticular Print
Sugar Factory
Lenticular Print
Sugar Factory
HD video loop

In 2008 in the town of
Szerencs, the most
important industry, the
sugar and chocolate
factory closed. It was the
city's most famous face
which had been working
for over a hundred years,
it has disappeared with
the closure of the factory.
Over a hundred workers
were gradually fired,
there were no
demonstrations. Once a
year the workers, after
their morning routine, go
to the factory, as if to go
to work, they reach the
gate which is now
permanently closed. This
film documents their
gathering as a
performance. I asked
people to stop for a
moment and look into the
gate of the factory, in the
video then slowly fade in
the gate, as they
become part of it.
Above the clock of the
gate, the original title
'Sugar Factory' has been
changed to Happy New
Year - Forever Living,
which can be seen from
different view in the
lenticular photo.